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“Stars” of the GOP....updated

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

We have just resurrected this blog and reformatted to list all the stars in alphabetical order. As new “Stars” become known, they will be added to this “esteemed” list.

As we get ready for the 2024 elections, we at Vote4Change feel it is important to inform the voting public of the antics and ultra-conservative views of past and present members of the Republican Party.

GOP House Legislators in General

2024 1st GOP debate in Milwaukee

Can you believe this? These 6 GOP 2024 Presidential Candidate would vote for Trump even if he is convicted of interference in the 2020 the video here

FOX News Moderator Bret Baier, posed the following question asking for a show of hands..."If Donald Trump is the party’s nominee for president as well as a convicted criminal, will they still support him?"

  • Vivek Ramaswamy, entrepreneur, was first to immediately raise his hand

  • Nikki Haley, UN Ambassador & former SC Governor was next

  • Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota followed

  • Gov. Ron DeSantis looked to his left and then to his right and raised his hand

  • Mike Pence, former Vice President then reluctantly raised his hand

Electing 118th Congress Speaker of the House January 2023

If you think Election Denying ended in 2020 think again! Fourteen US House Legislators (out of 147 republicans) who voted against certifying the 2020 Presidential election results voted against electing Kevin McCarthy as the next Speaker on the first 11 ballots.

Earlier in November, behind closed doors all soon to be Republican House legislators preliminarily voted in support of McCarthy, essentially denying yet another election. In total 20 congress-elect legislators voted against McCarthy preventing the commencement of official house business for nearly four days. Mostly members of the Freedom Caucus, they took this stance to lobby for rules changes and key committee appointments. In doing so, their selfish acts could have put our country in eminent danger should a crisis arise, Congress would not be able to vote to take appropriate actions.

Other notable facts about this esteemed group of 20 election deniers:

The republican party has over 300 election deniers on the ballots across the country who are still spreading the big lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent despite ZERO evidence.

Greg Abbott Governor Texas

Abbott uses immigrants as political pawns December 24, 2022

The Texas Tribune reports: "Gov. Greg Abbott reportedly sent the migrants, who arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence Saturday night. Abbott has been busing migrants to Democratic-sanctuary cities since April with the first sent to Harris’ home in September. More than 100 migrants bused from Texas arrived at Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve — enduring freezing temperatures.

Signed a sweeping bill overhauling the state’s elections,a new Republican-led law that will sharply restrict voting across Texas, claiming it would be harder to cheat at the ballot box and went further to claim it would also make it easier to vote by allegedly expanding hours to vote. In fact it will ban drive through voting and restrict absentee voting.

Andy Biggs US House R-AZ 5

November 8, 2022

While at the Arizona GOP March Party Congressman Biggs cracks a tasteless joke “We’re gonna show Nancy Pelosi the door very shortly.

Don't let it hit you on the backside, Nancy,” he said Tuesday. “She’s losing the gavel but finding the hammer. Too soon? Is that too soon?”

Michael Capps Kansas House of Representatives [former]

Former Kansas House Representative Michael Capps, known for his legislative efforts to force “In God We Trust” into school buildings, now faces jail time after being found guilty of 12 felonies related to COVID-19 relief.

John Cornyn US House R-TX

tried to raise immigration as an issue as the Mr. Pelosi’s

assailant’s visa from Canada had expired. [Same Washington Post article as above]

Andrew Clyde US House R-GA

An election denier who voted against Trump impeachment and is endorsed by Trump] voted against 67 years after Emmitt Tills brutal murder in Mississippi 3 GOP US House of Representatives voted AGAINST making Lynching a hate crime.

Click here to see the vote roll call here The Emmett Till Antilynching Act

Kim Crocket GOP candidate for MN Sec of State

November 4, 2022

NBC News reports: In an audio recording of a Tea Party Patriots meeting in Champlin, Minnesota, last month, Marty Probst, the husband of Minnesota GOP Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett, is heard urging conservative supporters to send sheriffs and deputies to form an Election Day "SWAT team."

Ted Cruz US Senator Texas

referring to the vote count in Arizona and Nevada, said on Twitter, “This chaos is an intentional decision by Dems.”

The republican party has over 300 election deniers on the ballots across the country who are still spreading the big lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent despite ZERO evidence.

Oct 30, 2022 Mr Cruz tweeted misinformation that the alleged assailant who attacked Mr. Pelosi was a militant right winger, a hippie nudist from Berkeley.

During COVID, Senator Cruz was caught flying to Cancún while his constituents were literally dying.

“Let me tell you this right now: Donald J. Trump ain’t goin’ anywhere.” (CPAC 2021)

Ron DeSantis Governor Florida GOP 2024 Presidential candidate

In launching his 2024 presidential campaign Governor DeSantis pledged to bring back expansive conservatism, or as he frequently states an "end to woke leftist culture".

His "Blueprint for America"

  • Targets immigrants, LGBTQ, Back Americans, & Women

  • 6 week Abortion ban which he unceremoniously signed into legislation at midnight

  • Proposed bans on gender affirming care for minors

  • Don's say Gay...banning Gay references in elementary school curriculum

  • Restriction of teaching racism

DeSantis used Florida state funds to "transport" illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard

"The Fiscal Year 2022-23 Budget creates a $12 million program within the Florida Department of Transportation to facilitate the transport of unauthorized aliens out of Florida," reads the document available on DeSantis' official website under the voice "Immigration."

Tom Emmer US House R-MN

Representative Tom Emmer R-MN,October 26, 2022: tweeted video of himself firing a rifle along with a statement Fire Pelosi. A few days before Paul Pelosi’s attack happened. The Pelosi attacker's social media posts sites 2020 election falsehoods & MAGA political conspiracies as his motivation.

Another example of Trump right wing supporters being radicalized to incite violence much like Trump’s statement "Come to the Capitol on January 6th it will be wild” resulting in an angry mob of 2000+ people to storm the capitol.

Matt Gaetz US House R-FL

Rep. Matt Gaetz R- FL [ED] [EBT] investigation of sex trafficking with the seizure of his cellphone back in December 2020. Gaetz allegedly sex-trafficked a 17 year old teenage girl, Gatez’ former friend Joel Greenberg pleaded guilty to trafficking the same teen in exchange for assisting with the DOJ investigations. Additionally, Gaetz's girlfriend is cooperating with the DOJ obtaining immunity from federal prosecution.

While the sex-trafficking case appears stalled in the eyes of attorneys like Hornsby, another attorney involved in the investigation pointed out that “the Justice Department hasn’t formally closed this case.”

Paul Gosar US House R-AZ

[ED] [EBT] tweeted a video of him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez & attacking President Biden. Rep Ocasio-Cortez spoke on House floor when Gosar was being censored stating "posting videos of attacking elected officials is a tacit endorsement of such an act." After being censored [the first since Alexander Hamilton to be censored in over a decade] and stripped of his two leadership positions in the House, Gosar reposted the anime video on Twitter AGAIN!

Learn more about Mr. Gosar’s extremists views here.

Paul Gosar R-AZ [ED] [EBT] along with Marjorie Taylor Greene R-GA [ED] [EBT] and Matt Gaetz R-FL [ED] [EBT] propose forming the America First Caucus. The AP writes: "Hard-right House Republicans on Friday were discussing forming an America First Caucus, which one document described as championing “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and warning that mass immigration was putting the “unique identity” of the U.S. at risk."

Per AP reporting the document states: The America First Caucus (AFC) exists to promote Congressional policies that are to the long-term benefit of the American nation,” it begins. It says the group aims to “follow in President Trump’s footsteps, and potentially step on some toes and sacrifice sacred cows for the good of the American nation.” Fortunately the majority to the GOP have distanced themselves from this effort, so it appears, however not confirmed, to have stalled. We encourage you to read this document so you are aware of what the radical right GOP looks like, click here to read the document.

Mr Gosar is under censured for ethics violations by the US House of Representatives. reports "On Nov. 7, 2021, Rep. Gosar posted on his official social media accounts a video clip taken from the opening credits of an animated show called Attack of the Titans. The clip was altered to add real people's faces to various characters. The result was a character with his face killing one with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez's face and flying at one, armed with swords, with President Biden's face. On Nov. 17, Rep. Gosar was censured and removed from his committee assignments (one of which he shared with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez) by a vote of 223-207."

Lindsey Graham US Senate R-SC

Remember how Graham once tweeted: “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed......and we will deserve it”?

Chuck Grassley US Senator R-IA

[EBT] warns IOWAN's the IRS is coming with an AR-15 on NBC WHO Channel 13 IOWA — "US Senator Charles Grassley on Thursday warned Iowans and a national TV audience that U.S. government strike forces armed with rifles could soon be targeting small business owners."

Marjorie Taylor Greene US House R-GA

Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene questions whether July 4 Highland Park shootings were 'designed' to get Republicans to back gun control.

Marjorie Taylor Greene posts image of herself with gun alongside ‘Squad’ congresswomen, encourages going on the ‘offense against these socialists’.

The image includes Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). On Friday, the post had been taken down. Before it was removed, the caption under the gun-toting Greene read: “Squad’s worst nightmare"

Warren G. Harding

Scandal: Teapot Dome (1921) Money: $400,000 / worth $5.3 million today

Warren Harding was never personally implicated, and most of the details emerged after his death. But Teapot Dome forever sullied the reputation of America’s 29th president.Widely considered the granddaddy of American political scandals, the scheme was fairly tame and straightforward by today’s standards. The real villain isHarding’s Interior Secretary Albert Fall, a member of the so-called “Ohio Gang”of confidantes Harding brought with him to Washington. Accused of accepting nearly $400,000 in bribes in exchange for oil leases in Wyoming, Fall became the first former cabinet member in history to be sent to prison for crimes committed while in office.

Josh Hawley Senator Missouri

Is pictured giving a fist pump to the pro Trump mob before the riots, only to be video'd later running for his life when the insurrectionists breach the Capitol.

Clay Higgins US House R-LA

Clay Higgins R-LA [ED] [EBT] tweeted & deleted a post pushing a conspiracy theory mocking the attack. From the Daily Advertiser " That you realize the nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason your husband didn't make it to your fundraiser," Higgins wrote over a picture of Nancy Pelosi holding her hands over her face.

Ron Johnson US Senator Wisconsin

December 28, 2021

We all hoped and prayed the vaccines would be 100% effective, 100% safe,” saidJohnson on Monday’s Fox News Primetime. “But they’re not. We now know that fully vaccinated individuals can catch Covid, they can transmit Covid. So what’s the point?”

On the Milwaukee Radio Show on November 8, 2021 “We can’t afford the entitlements [sic] programs we have today.” Johnson said at the timestamp 1:32:55 of the show. “The trust funds—which are a fiction, by the way—I mean, the money gets allocated to these trust funds, but it gets spent. In its place, Treasury bonds are floated. So, we’re still in debt for it … these things are Ponzi schemes, the money isn’t there. You invest it—whether it’s Social Security or whatever—and the federal government spends it, and they just put in place another government bond. There isn’t money, there aren’t assets backing up these trust funds.”

Senator Johnson defended the Capitol rioters as patriots and saying that if they had been from Black Lives Matter, “I might have been a little concerned” for safety—then denying any “racial” element to his comments.

Read more outrageous Ron Johnson comments here.

Joel Koskan South Dakota State Senate candidate

November 3, 2022 Joel Koskan was charged with child abuse charges that alleges sexual misconduct against a family member. South Dakota GOP Chairman Dan Lederman won’t take his name off the ballot “it’s up to the voters”.

Update 11.12.22 Koskan accepted a plea agreement the day before election day and ultimately lost the election.

Kari Lake GOP candidate for Gov of Arizona

[EBT] [WAER] Ms Lake has suggested voter fraud in her election bid to become governor BEFORE a single vote has been casted. She recently has also said that she WILL NOT accept the results of the election.

Additionally, The weekend before Election day, Ms Lake invited State Senator Wendy Rogers to the stage praising her for her dedication to Arizona. State Senator Rogers is a far right republican who was censured for antisemitic remarks and is recently is under investigation for claiming the Buffalo mass shooting was done by the Feds.

The republican party has over 300 election deniers on the ballots across the country who are still spreading the big lie that the 2020 election was fraudulent despite ZERO evidence.

JR Majewski Republican US House candidate from OH

He lied about his military record promoting himself as a combat veteran, although the Air Force has no record of him serving.

He frequently posts pictures on FB and Twitter brandishing weapons like the picture below “LET IT RAIN” with this custom AR. They can’t wait to have me, aka “JR-15” in office. The picture below is on his campaign facebook page, which has been intermittently shut down, presumably related to posts like this one below.

Kevin McCathy Speaker of the R-CA

Let's just list his accomplishments:

  • Required NINE roll call votes to ascend to speaker.... more than any other Speaker

  • Sold out to Freedom Caucus to obtain the votes to become Speaker

  • Re-instated Marjorie Taylor Green's committee assignments

  • Doesn't expel Indicted NY Rep George Santos to keep his slim 4 vote margin in House

Perhaps the most famous statement..... "President Trump bears the responsibility for the January 6th attack on the capital......." Only to turn around on January 27th after meeting with Trump in Mar-a-largo, as seen on Fox News “I was the first person to contact him when the riot was going on. He didn’t see it. [How] he ended the call was … telling me he’ll put something out to make sure to stop this. And that’s what he did; he put a video out later.” Rachel Maddow's blog plays a recording of McCarthy stating "I have had it with this guy" toMitch McConnell that he intended on asking Trump to resign.

June 23, 2023

AP press reports "WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Friday he supports the idea of expunging the two impeachments of Donald Trump as hard-right Republican allies of the former president introduce a pair of proposals to declare it as though the historic charges never happened.

McCarthy told reporters that he agrees with Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Elise Stefanik who want to erase the charges against Trump from the former president’s impeachments of 2019 and 2021.

“I think it is appropriate,” said McCarthy, the Republican from California. “Just as I thought before — that you should expunge it, because it never should have gone through.”

From Politico July 20, 2023

It has been reported that former president Trump is upset that the speaker hasn’t endorsed his campaign. To placate him, McCarthy privately vowed to hold a vote to clear Trump’s impeachments.

Thomas Masie US House R-KY

Trump endorsed Candidate]

67 years after Emmitt Tills brutal murder in Mississippi 3 GOP US House of Representatives voted AGAINST making Lynching a hate crime.

Click here to see the vote roll call here The Emmett Till Antilynching Act

Doug Mastriano Candidate for Governor Pennsylvania

Mastriano, a 58-year-old retired Army colonel, is a Donald Trump acolyte and a fierce election denier. This far right candidate posed for a picture in a Confederate Uniform for an Army War College photo taken in 2014.

Here is a brief list of his “Star" behavior:

Richard M. Nixon

Scandal: Watergate (1972-1974)

Money: $500,000 to $1 million / worth $2.8 million to$5.6 million today

Watergate, the only scandal to topple a U.S. president, definitelyhad money at its heart—along with a dizzying array of dirty tricks. To cover upthe break-in, President Nixon funneled as much as half a million dollars incampaign funds to the Watergate burglars. And he is heard on one of theinfamous White House tapes barely flinching over the prospect of raisinganother million in hush money. “You could get it in cash,” he says. Nixonresigned in 1974, days after the House Judiciary Committee approved the firstof three articles of impeachment. Among other things, it accused him ofauthorizing payment of “substantial sums of money” to silence witnesses.

Wendy Rogers State Senator R-AZ

[WAER] May 16, 2022

Is under investigation for spewing bogus social media accusations that the Buffalo shootings were done by the Feds. According to the AZ Mirror: "Rogers’ use of the phrase “fed boy summer” appears to be a nod to “white boy summer,” a viral meme used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists in 2021". Rogers while attending the Fuentes’ America First Political Action Conference, she gave a speech in which she fantasized about hanging political enemies. Many other while nationalist views were shared by other speakers attending this conference. This resulted in her being censured.

In 2021, Rogers retweeted a far-right Breitbart article discussing immigration to which she added “ we are being replaced and invaded” similar phrasing that has been used groups touting the “Great Replacement Theory"

On March 1, 2022, Republican Arizona Senate Majority Leader Rick Gray moved to censure Rogers for "conduct unbecoming of a senator, including publicly issuing and promoting social media and video messages encouraging violence".

AZCentral writes State Senator Rogers is a far-right politician and prolific fundraiser who's in her second term as an Arizona senator. She's an Oath Keeper, election denier and QAnon promoter who also has faced accusations of antisemitism.

Chip Roy US House R-TX

67 years after Emmitt Tills brutal murder in Mississippi 3 GOP US House of Representatives voted AGAINST making Lynching a hate crime.

Click here to see the vote roll call here The Emmett Till Antilynching Act

George Santos US House R-NY

Embattled Long Island Congressman George Santos says on FOX News "Most people lie on their resumes" . Rep. Santos was handed a 13 count indictment being charged with Fraud, Money Laundering, Theft of Public Funds and False statements.

The DOJ goes on further stating "Santos Allegedly Embezzled Contributions from Supporters, Fraudulently Obtained Unemployment Benefits, and Lied in Disclosures to the House of Representatives"

Read more about Congressional misconduct allegations charges against Santos here

Claudia Tenney US House R-NY

[EBT] October 28, 2022 retweeted a photo of several men carrying hammers outside a home with “United Against Hate” sign and a gay pride flag…then added “LOL” Yahoo News reports: "Claudia Tenney, a Republican from the 24th District of New York, retweeted a photoshopped image of a group of men holding hammers in front of what some claim is the home of Pelosi-attacker David DePape. She turned off the replies instead of deleting”.

Then after being called out on it over Twitter, she deleted the tweet.

“LOL,” Ms Tenney wrote on 28 October

Tommy Tuberville US Senate R-AL

AP reporters Jalonick and Baldor reports: Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville is waging an unprecedented campaign to try to change Pentagon abortion policy by holding up hundreds of military nominations and promotions, forcing less experienced leaders into top jobs and raising concerns at the Pentagon about military readiness.

October 10, 2022

Comes under criticism for racially charged comments “ Democrats are “pro-crime” and favor reparations for the descendants of the people who were enslaved in the US because they believe “the people that do the crime are owed that".

Hershel Walker GOP Candidate for US Senate Georgia

[EBT] has two different women come forward with allegations that Mr. Walker encouraged both of them to have abortions and allegedly paid for one of them. The New York times reports:"The quick consolidation behind Mr. Walker, less than 24 hours after The Daily Beast reported on the abortion claim on Monday, exposed a Republican Party that has become increasingly conditioned to discount questions about personal behavior in pursuit of political victories. While some Republicans said they didn’t believe the report, nearly all party leaders, elected officials and activists dismissed the abortion story as secondary to larger policy goals."

So plainly stated the GOP just wants the seat and does NOT care anything about the person who would fill this seat!

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