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Vote 4 Women’s Right to Choose

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

There are 14 State Governor races in the 2022 Midterms that hold a women’s right to make their own health decisions in balance. In all of these states abortions are now illegal [6], are about to become illegal due to trigger laws [6], or could be come illegal with pending court challenges [2]. See the table for more details.

What else do all these states have in common? Both their state house and senate is under Republican control. More importantly, 10 of these states have the highest maternal mortality rates in the United States. These are not coincidental, 86% of the 25 states with the highest maternal mortality rates have republican control state legislators. Abortion bans put the mother’s health AND life in jeopardy. What states are they?

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Let’s take a look at the races.....

  • 9 states have Republican Incumbents running

  • 3 states are open seats with no incumbent

  • 2 states have a democrat running

While Vote 4 Change does not endorse candidates running for office, traditionally republican held legislators have banned, or are about to ban abortions. Vote 4 change believes that a women must be able to make their own choices with respect to their reproductive health. We have identified these 14 states where it is crucial to either maintain the democratic governor or elect a democratic governor.

Down ballot races in these states come into play when selecting state house and senate candidates. At this time Vote 4 Change does not have the resources to know the democratic/republican balance in these state houses. Consult your respective states website to obtain this information. Enter Your State It is possible that the balance of seats between the democrats +/or republicans, in one of these states could swing from the GOP to the democrats, depending on the results of these down ballot races.

Now more than ever, midterm elections are vitally important. Not just the high ranking offices either, all races from the federal congress legislators down to the state level positions will have impact on our democracy.

Are you registered to vote? Click here to check to see if you are registered....and if not get registered today. No excuses that it is too late. Some states also allow same day of election to register and still vote.

When deciding Who Should I Vote for? Go to a website packed with voting resources, US legislator voting records, plus current Congress/Senate election ballots to help Americans to cast informed votes that make a difference.

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Lorine Coniglio
Lorine Coniglio

These rights must be fought for AGAIN! We need to codify our right to choose into law and the only way to do that is to vote, get active with your local government, pay attention!

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