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Helping Americans cast informed votes that make a difference 

Vote 4 Change was born out of the need to restore our democracy and fend off further erosion of our basic liberties.  Your right to vote is the bedrock of our Democracy.


 V4C is dedicated to providing Americans access to timely and accurate information by leveraging the internet's vast amount of political information.  Links provided on our pages are not endorsements, they are provided as additional sources of information, allowing our readers to research and come to their own personal positions.

Our primary mission is to increase voter participation!


This website is not funded by any PACs, Special Interest Groups, political parties, or politicians. It has been funded and created solely by a concerned middle-class American, who is passionate about the political process, who believes in the power of the vote to right the course of our county.

The web site is designed to be a voter’s resource hub, rich in helpful voting information, along with links to other websites. Vote 4 Change provides access to a wide variety of tools to aid in the selection of candidates who align with the voters political positions.  


Here the voter will:


We are striving to restore faith in “We the People...” to appreciate the power of every American’s vote and your ability to influence positive change, regardless of party affiliation.

Let’s bring back the Pride in being American one vote at a time!
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My fellow Americans, ask not what your Country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country!
                John F. Kennedy

                                                         Inaugural Address

                                                         January 21, 1961

My fellow Americans...the time is NOW! Every eligible voter MUST Vote in 2024!

Increased Voter Engagement 
Is Our Primary Mission

Using our votes to influence these issues....

Democracy starts here!  Voting is the bedrock of healthy democracy. 


Take it for granted

Waste it, or

Not use it

State by State abortion Laws. Current legislative efforts to restore legal abortions.

Track how your legislators vote on gun reform here

Check the status of Federal and state legislative efforts on Same Sex Marriage

Time for Change March Vote 4 Change

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