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How to write Legislators

Now that you know who is your legislator and their voting record, it is time to put this information to work. This page shows you how to use My Reps Website to identify your legislators based upon your address.  


From the list generated by the website click on the contact link to send to your legislator in just a few clicks!                      

                                                        Its is Easy... try it and see!

Click on this link to get to MyReps site

1. Click on this link to get to MyReps site

           It will open in a new window

Also use this to get a list of all your elected officials local, state, & federal

2. Enter your full address in the box then click on SEARCH

You can select the level of government  with check boxes below address

Enter your full address in the box then click on SEARCH
You will get this screen with all your legislators listed

3. You will get this screen with all your legislators listed

Click on the CONTACT button 4 the legislator you want to write

4. Legislators contact info screen opens

Click on the email address next to the envelope

Legislators contact info screen

5. Your computer will automatically open a new  email with the legislators email for your to compose your message

compose your email

OK now what I do?  What do I say?

Scroll down for a sample email

Your email address appears here ........................

Sample Message to your Legislator

Honorable, Senator, Representative <insert Full Name>

For Federal Offices: Honorable US Senator Elizabeth Warren

State Level: Honorable MA State Representative Jack Lewis

<Insert the Date>

I am a constituent of yours living in <insert your town/city name & state here>. [You do not have to state whether or not if you voted for them here ] I am writing you to ask for you to support <insert cause, legislation, bill # here> when it comes up for vote in <insert legislative body ie U.S. Senate> this month.  


This potential new law is important to me because <insert reason>. [If you have a compelling story share it here. It does not have to be long....brief is best!]

By voting to pass <insert bill name or cause name ie gun reform> it will be <insert the benefit for enacting this> which is really important to myself and my family. [it could also be a work related issue making it important to your coworkers or others}.

Thank you for taking the time for reading this email.  I know your office is busy, I welcome the opportunity to speak with your staff and answer any questions that they or you may have. [Let the legislator know if your are expecting follow up from their office.  This is optional]


Your Name


Phone Number

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