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2024 Congressional Ballots

Here are the preliminary 2024 House and Senate ballots, listing who has declared that they will be running.  Legislators who have announced their retirement are on the preliminary ballots, to apprise the voting public of their status.  As we progress through the primaries onto the general election, the ballots will be updated with the opponent names and results of the elections.

New for 2024, Vote4Change has added Vulnerable or Targeted Races for both houses, of Republican seats that are in jeopardy or have been targeted to hopefully flip.  Additionally we plan to add sample social media posts that can be copied/downloaded to be used to list GOP issues & voting records.

US Senate Chamber .webp


US Senate

Coming Soon....

please check back!


US House

Coming Soon....

please check back!

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2024 Targeted US House Races

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Help Save our Democracy!

Join in with V4C to help flip these vulnerable GOP seats BLUE!

Check out our targeted races page and their full scorecards

All designed to help you cast informed votes that can make a difference!

New for 2024 Vote4Change has social media images for vulnerable US House & Senate seats targeted to flip Democratic.  You have our permission to copy them to post on your favorite social media platforms!

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