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       Voter Guide

Here you will find links to other voter related sites on the web and information to help you make informed voting decisions on political candidates

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Ballot Box How & Where to Vote

How & Where to Vote

Use the links below for everything you need to know to cast your vote!

NBC News Plan Your Vote

Navigate to this web site created by NBC News to find out  about voting in your state such as:

  • Registering to Vote

  • Voting by Mail

  • Early Voting

  • Election Dates

  • Changes to Voting Rules

Vote.Org another great resource for basic voting information. “Everything you Need to Vote"

Capital and Rainbow- Legislators Voting Record

Legislators Voting Record

Helpful links for sites on the Web that display how elected officials voted.

Govtrack Tracks US Congress

Go to this site to research on how your elected officials voted on any legislation voted on in either the House or the Senate.

Additional Web sites:

Lobbying Clipart

Links to sites on the web to help you connect with your legislators.

Did you know that 1 letter sent to a legislator equates to  100 other constituents holding the same opinion?

My Reps....

A new site where you type in your address & get a list of all your elected officials.  Click on the CONTACT button to send an email to any one of them

Who is my Senator? 

link to official US
look @ top left corner of screen 

Who is my US House Representative? 

link to official US
look to top right of screen to search f

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