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We at Vote 4 Change, are deeply troubled with the direction our country is going right now! Two years ago COVID came and sadly too many people died.  We have a new pandemic now, let’s call it “ultra-conservatism”!  What are the symptoms: voter suppression, abortion bans, assault rifles, and the Jan 6th Capitol Insurrection, just to name a few.  


We shudder to think about what is next; LGBTQ+ rights, contraception, same sex marriage. However the most frightening possibility is on the Supreme Court docket now. They soon will be debating to possibly change how disputes over the gerrymandering of congressional districts will be settled. The conservative supreme court could take the oversight away from the courts and give it to the state legislators. Friends if this happens forget about free and fair elections and 4 that matter forget about the normal checks and balances in government.

This website is not funded by any PACs, Special Interest Groups, political parties, or politicians. It has been funded and created solely by a concerned American, who is passionate about the political process, and believes in the power of the vote to right the course of our county.


We the people that’s you …. need to speak out and MOST IMPORTANTLY VOTE!   If you have never voted… now is the time to start.  Not registered to vote yet? Register now

This website is designed to help the voter answer the following questions:

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