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Trump news making your head spin?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

It seems that you can't turn on the news, look at social media or listen to the radio without hearing something about Trump! What is distressing is the frequency and the increasing negative magnitude of the accusations and allegations.

As difficult it is to listen to this "x%!s" non stop, we cannot let it come to deaf ears! This is exactly what Trump's strategy is aimed to accomplish. Spewing constant lies, if not carefully reviewed or counteracted can lead to socially accepted new norms.

Do not become numb or discount the extreme impact this has had and continues to have on our Country and psyche! Democracy, Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness our the bedrocks of America are in jeopardy! A closer look into Trump's "Make America Great Again" agenda shows it is NOT consistent with the freedoms we have enjoyed in America. If it feels wrong it is wrong!

Most reasonable Americans see through his rhetoric, however several Polls of late say otherwise. Here are some the "numbers" reported

  • ABC New Poll: 46% of those polled think the Jan 6 charges are politically motivated

  • CBS News-YouGov Survey reports 71% of Trump supporters trust Trump more than their friends and family, despite the finding of 30,000+ misleading statements he made while in office

  • NYT reports that his primary lead has republic leaning independents support has grown 27% in December dispite 4 indictments and 19 felony charges

Why is this important?

Trump won in 2016 based on the electoral college states he won, which are predominately Republican states. Below is a US Map indicating which party is in the control of State Legislative Chambers, which often tracks closely with how each state typically votes in Presidential elections.

We also learned in 2020 that President Biden won the popular vote by getting 7.2 million more votes than Trump. Looking again at the map above, most of the states with the highest populations are Democratically controlled, which is one of the reasons why Biden won the popular vote.

What's key for a Biden victory in 2024?

It's simple we need to ensure that these voting groups vote for Biden:

  • Indépendant voters

  • Democratic leaning Republican Voters

  • African American voters

  • Hispanic Voters

  • Youth Vote

  • Any Democrat who doesn't like Biden

Let's face it our Democracy is in extreme peril! If you don't like Biden, a vote for ANYONE else, can elect a self-professed dictator back in office!

Trump will inflict even more irreparable damage to our Country. When he entered office in 2016, he had no transition plans and little to no understanding how government works. He has assembled a cadre of extreme right wing advisors, many of which are loyalists leftover from his first term, who have been crafting his 2025 agenda. V4c recommends everyone to review his agenda publicly posted so you can cast informed votes that will make a difference.

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