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Vote Out US House GOP..... Social Media Campaign

Updated: Feb 3

PLEASE REPOST THIS on all social media platforms you are on.

Vote4Change [V4C] has launched a new campaign targeting Republican US House of Representatives, who have been identified as vulnerable for re-election. Using our US House Scorecard we have listed all the vulnerable seats combined with how they voted and if they are Trump acolytes.

See if any of the legislators are on from your state and join us in publicizing their voting record to tell all their constituents know on how the voted on Abortion, Gun Reform, Voting Rights and LGBTQ+ rights by posting on their Facebook campaign sites and any other social media platforms you participate on.

Check out Vote4Change's Social Media Images free to copy and post on your favorite platform! Each image has:

  • Legislator's Name & State

  • How many times they voted against key issues such as Abortion & voting rights

  • Below the image are links to their Facebook & Twitter/X pages

Here is how it works..... navigate to the V4C page using the link above. Find your targeted Legislator's media post and copy it and then paste it to all your social media platforms to help spread the word to Flip this seat to Blue!

Interested in learning more about how the voted on V4Cs key issues [Abortion, Voting Rights, Gun Control. LGBTQ+, and Climate] view their V4C's Scorecard, you can even check out how their voting record is rating by several outside organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU, others by viewing our External Scorecards page.

Vote4Change is dedicated to providing relevant and accurate information to help Americans to cast informed votes that make a difference. Information provided in this blog contains hyperlinks to all media sources quoted.

Use the url address below to copy and paste a link to this Blog in your next email or social media platform to get the word out....

Join in to help save our Democracy one vote at a time!

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