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1 Stop 2024 US House Voting Record is here!

Vote4Change recently posted on their website, the ONLY 1 Stop scorecard on the Internet that combines the legislator's voting record on select issues, re-election status, impeachment votes, along with Trump endorsement +/or support.

Most other scorecards found on the web focus primarily on the organizations cause, do not indicate how the legislator voted, instead they provide a score as established by the organization, for their priority issues. 

Go to the scorecard to open an Excel file that allows you to filter by:

  • Party

  • Re-election Status

  • State

  • Vote [Yes/No]

Once you arrive on the scorecard you can click on the Bill Name and number to see the description of the legislation and all actions taken. This allows the user to validate votes on V4C scorecard against the official roll call vote.

Vote4Change is dedicated to providing relevant and accurate information to help Americans to cast informed votes that make a difference. Information provided in the scorecard contains hyperlinks to multiple governmental voting record sources quoted.

V4C US House Scorecard [117-118th Congress] issues covered are:

  • Gun Reform

  • Abortion

  • Healthcare

  • Voting Rights

  • LGBTQ+

  • Climate

The scorecard is the only one on the Internet that combines Legislator's voting records with:

  • Caucus membership

  • Re-election status & vulnerability

  • Impeachment votes

  • Republican's endorsed by Trump

  • Republican's who have endorsed Trump in 2024

  • Republican's who voted against certification of the 2020 election

As we all get ready to cast the most important vote of our lifetime, Vote4Change has provided a valuable resource for today's voter.

Use the V4C 1 Stop US House Scorecard to help you cast informed votes that make a difference and save our democracy.

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