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House Republicans Slashing Federal Employees wages

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The Holman Rule named after an Indiana congressman, allows our lawmakers to make amendments to appropriation budget bills to slash individual federal worker wages down to $1. So far this session, there have been over 20 such amendments, all sponsored by GOP representatives, targeting mainly cabinet level positions.

The 118th Congress plagued with days of inactivity without a speaker can not afford to waste such valuable time and resources. None of these amendments have passed, however should the Republicans gain a larger margin in controlling the house, who knows what could happen.

Below is a partial listing with links to the amendment on The number following the legislator's name is the number "Holman" amendments they have sponsored.

GOP Sponsor Fed Employee Position

· Norman [5] Gordon Asst Sec Housing

· Greene [2] Levine Asst Sec for Health

· Higgins [2] Williamson Asst Sec of Mine Safety

· McCormick [2] Becerra Sec Health & Human Services

· Miller [3] Lhamon Asst Sec for Civil Rights

· Tenney [1] Jean-Pierre White House Press Secretary

Read more about how effective the GOP Controlled 118th Congress has been working thus far.

2024 votes will be the most important ones casted ever, ideally preserving the Democracy that we can no longer take for granted.

Vote 4 Change is a website dedicated to helping Americans to cast informed votes that can make a difference.

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Nov 29, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This Republican House shows us many cracks in our laws that are harmful to the government working well for the people. This is a total waste of time and if not would be the same as catching a tiger by the tail.

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